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Improving aftercare for WLS patients in 2019

Improving aftercare for WLS patients in 2019
20 December 2019 Laura Eggerichs

Baricol’s 2019 in Review!

From new products and new staff to conferences and customer events, a lot of things have happened in this past year.  Here are some of our highlights from 2019!


  • We hosted the MDFO, an educational forum on bariatric surgery for nurses and dietitians. It took place in Gothenburg with a record 130 participants from the Nordic countries.
  • Our Effervescent Tablets came out in a new design.
  • Together with, we arranged an educational breakfast meeting in Stockholm for people who have had obesity surgery. It focused on the importance of vitamins and minerals after surgery.


  • We launched our Baricol Complete Powder.  It has become a popular complement to the rest of our line, especially for those who have just had surgery



  • Baricol® Complete grew internationally and participated in IFSO-MENAC in Kuwait!
  • The bloggers at came to a training day in Gothenburg.  They helped us learn more about what our customers think about our products and services.  At the same time, we offered them some education to help them become even better influencers and role models in the weight loss surgery world.
  • We held an event in Gothenburg for people who have had obesity surgery where we lectured on vitamins and minerals


  • Our Baricol® Complete Chewable Tablet was launched with a new shock-resistant lid.
  • We held an event on vitamins and minerals in Malmö for people who have had obesity surgery.



  • We took a little rest after launching BariBuddy 3.0. We hope you like it!


  • GB Obesitas got its own algorithm in BariBuddy.
  • We opened offices in Sundsvall to be more accessible to northern Sweden.


  • The strength of our staff at Baricol grew from 4 to 5 people with the hiring of Laura Eggerichs. She’s a Registered Dietitian from the USA with more than 10 years of experience in bariatric surgery.


  • Baricol® Complete powder and the swallowing tablets were launched in new mail slot-friendly packaging!
  • We held training events for bariatric surgery patients in Stockholm and Gothenburg. 
  • The bloggers to visited us for another educational day!


  • We held a training event for bariatric surgery patients in Sundsvall.


  • Nordiskt Centrum and Metabolt Center got their own algorithm in BariBuddy.
  • Our office in central Gothenburg was getting a little cramped for our growing team, so we moved into a larger one on the edge of the city. 
  • We invited people who have had bariatric surgery to a lecture in Malmö. This time we lectured on vitamins and minerals as well as why different people get different results from obesity surgery.  

We wish you all Happy Holidays, and we hope that you will continue to hang with us in 2020!

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