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Baricol® Complete

Baricol® Complete
– Everyday simplicity

Baricol® Complete has been developed to make life simpler after your weight-loss surgery by combining all the essential vitamins and minerals you will need in one tablet. This is a safe choice for anyone who has undergone weight-loss surgery (gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy).



Three reasons why to choose Baricol® Complete

Shaped by science 

Baricol® Complete is the first product whose composition is based on the extra vitamins and minerals needed by patients after weight-loss surgery. The content of Baricol® Complete has been formulated according to a number of published international guidelines, all based on current knowledge. After weight-loss surgery you you need increased quantities of complete and tested vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium and iron. The minerals in Baricol® Complete (iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium) are in citrate form, which ensures maximum absorption in the intestine.  Baricol® Complete is being used in AMOS2 (, a national study for weight-loss surgery on adolescents which is being conducted by leading clinics in Sweden.

Everyday simplicity 

Baricol® Complete is unique in that it contains all the vitamins and minerals you need in a single tablet. Having only one pack of Baricol® Complete makes it easier to remember to take your tablets every day. By dissolving your daily dose (two effervescent tablets) in a glass or bottle of water, you can reduce the number of times you take your dose to just once a day. We offer a smart subscription solution which means that you will always have tablets on hand at the best price, because it’s important to take your supplements daily.

Freedom of choice 

Baricol® Complete is available as a chewable tablet or as an effervescent tablet, since these enable the vitamins and minerals to be broken down into their most easily-absorbed form while still in the mouth. This is important, because the stomach is smaller (gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy) and the small intestine is shorter (gastric bypass), which requires absorption to take place as soon as possible. The tablets are available in a variety of flavours. The flavour and type (effervescent or chewable tablet) can easily be changed via the subscription service, which can be accessed via “My account” on our website.


Ingredienser: Mineraler (kalciumcitrat, magnesiumcitrat, järncitrat, zinkcitrat, mangansulfat, kopparcitrat, kaliumjodid, krompikolinat, natriumselenat, natriummolybdat). Vitaminer (cyanokobalamin, C-vitamin, D-alpha tocoferol, retinylacetat, nikotinamid, kolekalciferol, kalcium-D-pantotenat, menakinon-7, tiaminhydroklorid, riboflavin, pyridoxinhydroklorid, folsyra, biotin). Surhetsreglerande medel (citronsyra, natriumbikarbonat**). Fyllnadsmedel risextrakt*). Sötningsmedel (xylitol, sukralos). Naturliga aromer. Färgämne (Rödbetspulver**).

*  Gäller enbart tuggtabletter  ** Gäller enbart tuggtablett (jordgubbsmak)

Baricol Complete - The facts


Pack size: 30 tablets (effervescent tablets) and 45 tablets (chewable tablets).

Dose: 3 chewable tablets a day. The tablets are scored, which makes them easy to break. 2 effervescent tablets a day.

Dissolve 1 effervescent tablet in at least 150–200 ml of water (or other liquid), or 2 effervescent tablets in a regular size glass or in a water bottle. Wait until the tablet has completely dissolved, around 1 minute. Remember to shake the bottle before drinking. This is a great way of getting your supplements and keeping your fluid intake up.

Allergy information: Lactose free and gluten free. Contains no other allergens. 

Top tips

We often receive queries from people who have had weight-loss surgery about when and how to start incorporating Baricol® Complete into their lives. Here we share our top tips

1. Wait 2-3 weeks after surgery until starting to take Baricol® Complete. This is to allow time for any nausea from surgery to subside and also for the new pouch to start healing.

2. Gradually wean yourself onto Baricol® Complete until you are on the recommended daily dose. This is to prevent you feeling nauseated, which can happen due to the high iron content of Baricol® Complete. The tablets can be easily broken into small pieces. Take a sip of water after each piece of tablet. Over time you will be able to tolerate the full dose without any problems.



Minerals (calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, ferrous citrate, zinc citrate, manganese sulphate, copper citrate, potassium iodide, chromium picolinate, sodium selenate, sodium molybdate). Vitamins (cyanocobalamin, vitamin C, d-alpha tocopherol, retinyl acetate, nicotinamide, cholecalcipherol, calcium D-pantothenate, menaquinone-7, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folate, biotin). Acidity regulator (citric acid). Natural source stabiliser (organic rice extract*). Sweetener (xylitol, sucralose). Natural source colour (beetroot concentrate)***. Natural flavourings.

* Chewable tablets ** Effervescent tablets *** Strawberry flavor

Nutritional information